S O U P S  &  S T E W S  C O O K B O O K

Food Fare: Soups & Stews CookbookFood Fare's Soups & Stews Cookbook contains more than 170 recipes for unique as well as traditional soups and stews from across the globe.


Homemade soups and stews seem particularly satisfying during autumn and winter months. Depending on where you live, the two seasons can bring cold winds, rain, snow or impenetrable fog. Preparing, sharing and consuming a hot meal of homemade soup or stew warms not only the heart and soul, but nourishes the body as well.


The new Soups & Stews Cookbook is Food Fare's offering for the "coolest" seasons, although the more than 170 recipes included within can also be prepared any time of year.


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Happy New Year from Food Fare!


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Food Fare Culinary Collection: Christmas NoelChristmas Noel contains information about the history and origins of Christmas, Santa Claus, the North Pole, Christmas trees, mistletoe, traditions, global holiday greetings, gift-wrapping ideas, seasonal recipes from across the globe and resources for further study.


Included are Christmas recipes for appetizers, beverages, desserts (cakes, cookies, pastries, pies and puddings), main meals, poultry, salads, seafood, side dishes, soups and stews, snacks and vegetables.


Christmas Noel also appears in article format on the Food Fare web site, where it is available for free by clicking here.


Food Fare: Christmas RecipesHappy Holidays!


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