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Asian Stuffed PeppersAsian Stuffed Peppers

Rinse chicken tenders under cold water and then slice into bite-sized pieces. Place in a plastic container, and then season with minced garlic and teriyaki sauce. Cover tightly. Shake to combine seasonings evenly. Refrigerate for several hours up to one day, shaking occasionally to remix flavorings.


Remove tops from the bell peppers using a sharp knife. Reserve tops. Clean peppers under cold water, removing seeds and white rinds. Allow to drain in a colander. Cook the white rice according to package directions.


Chop the bell pepper tops into small pieces; add to minced onion. In a large skillet, combine marinated chicken tenders with minced peppers and onions. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until chicken is no longer pink. Add cooked white rice; mix well.


Teriyaki chicken tenders cooking with onion, and red/green bell pepper bits.   Bell peppers stuffed with cooked chicken and white rice.   Asian Stuffed Peppers cooking in chicken broth.


Spoon chicken/rice mixture into empty bell peppers until full. Level top with the back of a spoon. Place the stuffed peppers into a large cooking pot. Add chicken broth and water until liquid level reaches halfway up pepper sides. Cover pot, leaving lid at a slight angle to allow steam-venting. Cook over medium heat for about one hour, or until peppers are tender but not too soft. Serve.


Note: To reduce salt intake, use a lesser amount of teriyaki sauce during marinade.


Alternate method: Substitute chicken tenders with one pound ground chicken or turkey.


*Bell peppers images (C) Shenanchie.


Asian Stuffed Peppers are featured in the Recipes-on-a-Budget Cookbook.


Shenanchie's Culinary Anecdote

In recent years, I've grown tired of endless beef dishes. Veal is not an option, of course, as I never touch the stuff. I'd rather use fish, chicken or pork as a substitute for beef whenever possible. This led me to the creation of Asian Stuffed Peppers, a variation of another recipe of mine known as Stuffed Bell Peppers. One of my favorite food pairings is chicken with teriyaki sauce, so I thought: "Why not?" Instead of fatty cooked beef stuffed into a bell pepper, why not cook chicken and teriyaki; mix it with rice and then re-stuff? The variation may not be to everyone's liking, but I much prefer it over the original ground beef concept.



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