Food Fare: Cabbage Notes

Cabbage Notes


There are literally hundreds of varieties of cabbage to choose from. The most popular types of cabbage found in America are listed below.


Bok Choy:

Though related to Chinese cabbage, it is not the same. Bok Choy has crunchy pale stalks with dark, broad leaves and is milder tasting than the Chinese variety.


Chinese or Napa:

The elongated heads have pale leaves with green, crinkly tips. Napa cabbage has a delicate taste; it is crispy and juicy at the same time.



This common cabbage has smooth, bright green outer leaves and pale green or white inner leaves. Look for dense, heavy heads.



The red or purple leaves are similar in taste to green cabbage, but their texture can be a bit tougher. It makes a very bright and crisp addition to any salad.



The yellow-green ruffled leaves of the Savoy Cabbage are less compact than those of other cabbages; they also have a milder flavor and are great for cooking. Look for heads that are heavy for their size.


"Cabbage Notes" provided by Bon Appetit.


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