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Garlic-Flavored Fiddleheads

Shake fresh fiddleheads in a paper bag until the brown skins fall off; discard the skins. Steam the fresh or frozen (but unthawed) fiddleheads until just barely tender. Heat the butter in a heavy frying pan; sauté garlic and shallots until softened. Blend in the soy sauce, sugar and wine. Add the steamed fiddleheads, turning them to coat well in the sauce. Serve at once.


*Recipe Source: A Taste of Quebec.


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Ostrich Fern FiddleheadsNote: Fiddleheads are the curled fronds of ferns, which have gained a reputation as one of Canada's national foods. They come in large part from the Matapedia River Valley.


"Fiddleheads or Fiddlehead greens are the furled fronds of a young fern, harvested for use as a vegetable. Left on the plant, each fiddlehead would unroll into a new frond (circinate vernation). As fiddleheads are harvested early in the black season before the frond has opened and reached its full height, they are cut fairly close to the ground. The fiddlehead resembles the curled ornamentation (called a scroll) on the end of a stringed instrument, such as a violin. It is also called a crozier, after the curved staff used by bishops, which has its origins in the shepherd's crook." [Data Source: Wikipedia].


*Fiddlehead image copyright David Fuller, University of Maine.


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