Food Fare: Re-print of "Food Matters" article about Japan as featured in Salt Lake City Weekly Magazine.

Food Matters was published by Salt Lake City Weekly, which featured Food Fare, Shenanchie and her article/e-book Japanese Culture & Cuisine. The article first appeared in the November 8, 2001 edition of City Weekly (both print and online).


Food Matters: If you are interested in learning more about Japanese cuisine, sushi and the etiquette of dining at sushi bars and in Japanese restaurants, check out a web site called Food Fare. Sometimes the best things are to be found right under our noses or in our own backyards. "Food Fare" is a food-related site created by a Bountiful woman named Debby O'Toole (Shenanchie).


It's an eclectic web site with information and recipes from around the world. There are pages devoted to the cooking of Greece, Mexico, Wales, Ireland and Russia, just to name a few. Why, there are even recipes for "Foofer" food. Foofer is the name of Debby's dog.


Click on the Japan page of "Food Fare" and you'll find all sorts of helpful advice and information, including how to eat with chopsticks, tables setting and etiquette in Japan, an explanation of sake, Japanese recipes (including a good one for Gyoza), and a useful glossary of Japanese words. There's also a list of Debby's favorite Japanese restaurants in Salt Lake and even a "sake temperature index" that explains terms having to do with serving sake. Jouon is room temperature for instance, and reishu is chilled.


And if you'd like to greet your sushi chef in Japanese the next time you visit your favorite sushi bar, "Savories by Shenanchie" can help you there as well. For example, the next time you dine at Mikado you may want to learn the phrase, "dono gurai?" which means, "How long?" And it would be polite to thank your sushi chef after an enjoyable meal by saying, "Doumo arigatou gozaimasu," which translates into "Thank you very much."


So until next week, "Gambatte kudasai!" Good luck!


Quote of the Week: The artichoke is a trick vegetable.


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*Article reprint courtesy of Food Fare and City Weekly.


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