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Louisiana Hot Plate with Cool-Down Side Dish


Louisiana Hot Plate:

Use a stainless steel mixing bowl. Prepare deli meat by cutting into squares, and mixing the different meats by tossing in the bowl. Add bottle of Tabasco sauce, and stir in with the meat. Let marinade as you prepare the vegetables. Slice and dice the seeded Serrano and yellow wax peppers, and stir into the meat mixture. Slice green onions and purple onion, and loosely mix into meat. Slice the seeded bell pepper halves, and loosely mix with meat. Sprinkle entire mixture with the black pepper, and the lemon and lime juices. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Cool-Down Side Dish:

Half the melons and remove seeds. Remove the melon flesh from the peel by cutting melons into about 3/4" strips, and then slicing away the peel. Cut into cubes. Refrigerate until time to serve.


Serving Suggestions: Serve the meat/vegetable mix in a small bowl, on a plate with chips. Just scoop and eat. Serve the melon in a small bowl with a fork.


*Recipe Source: Wilbert Alviso.


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