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Maschi (Sudanese tomatoes stuffed with beef)Sudanese tomatoes stuffed with beef

Sauce for Maschi:

Cut tops from tomatoes; scoop out flesh from insides of tomatoes and set aside. In a large skillet, combine ground beef, tomato flesh, salt and black pepper to taste, garlic powder, dill and vegetable oil; cook and stir over medium heat for about five to seven minutes or until beef browns. Add cooked rice; mix well. Refill tomatoes with beef and rice mixture; close with tomato tops. Melt butter and vegetable oil together in a large skillet; add filled tomatoes and sauté carefully, rolling gently until tomatoes turn dark red on all sides. Sauce: Combine: tomato paste and water in a saucepan; add salt, cinnamon and garlic powder. Simmer over low heat for ten to fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally. Spoon most of the sauce onto a serving platter; place tomatoes on top of sauce and drizzle remaining sauce over tomatoes. Garnish with sliced green olives and serve.


*Maschi image (C) Africa Imports (2010).


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