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Natillas (Spanish Custard)Natillas

Spanish Custard

In a large saucepan, combine milk with the lemon zest, cinnamon stick and salt; bring to a simmer. In a large bowl, beat sugar with egg yolks with an electric mixer on medium speed for about four minutes, or until pale yellow in color. Beat in the cornstarch-water mixture. At low speed, gradually beat in half of the hot milk. Pour egg-milk mixture into saucepan and cook over moderate heat, whisking constantly for about fifteen minutes or until mixture is thick. Whisk in the vanilla. Transfer custard to a large bowl; discard cinnamon stick and lemon zest. Press plastic wrap directly onto surface of the custard; refrigerate for about three hours or until well-chilled. Spoon custard into six medium bowls; sprinkle with ground cinnamon and serve.


Note: Natillas will keep up to three days in the refrigerator.


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