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July 2011

Issue #10

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Seasonal Bits:

July is National Hot Dog Month - just in time for Independence Day - so get in the spirit of the season!


Hot Diggity Dog!


Corn Dogs, Deviled Eggs, Firehouse Chili, Fried Green Tomatoes, Potato Salad, and Southern Fried Chicken are also a few of my hot-season favorites.


To keep it cool, try this summer treat:


Blueberry Smoothie

1 can crushed pineapple (8 oz.), drained

1 ripe banana, sliced

1 C milk

1 C fresh or frozen blueberries


Combine pineapple, banana, milk and blueberries in blender or food processor container. Cover; blend until thick and smooth. Serve immediately.


More Beverages >

Food Games:

Are you an epicurean who fancies food-related computer diversions? Check out our links to time management games that can be downloaded and played at home. I've tried most of them, and they're great fun. Some of the games also include printable recipes.


Play food-related time management games!

Readers Mail:

Food Fare often receives e-mail from reader's who have something to say about the web site, the recipes or the food articles. Every valid message or question is answered.


Readers Mail


Readers Mail >


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Greetings from Food Fare...

Welcome to Food Fare and the tenth edition of our newsletter, Food Fare Notes. Here's hoping summer finds you well and happy.


This time last year we were grousing about the delays in the release of the first Food Fare Cookbook. Irony aside, I'm glad to say we not only have one published cookbook, but three.  It was quite a task to get the first book finished, let alone two additional offerings. We are happy with the results of all three, and excited to share the news.


The Food Fare Cookbook was released in May, followed shortly by the Larkin Community Cookbook in June. Before summer is over, the Ambrosia Cookbook will hit electronic shelves.


Needless to say, we are proud of the accomplishments and grateful to all those who assisted with the compilations, editing and book cover designs.


Now on with the show...

Cookbooks Galore

As mentioned, Food Fare is now offering three cookbooks in Kindle, Nook and PDF editions.


Food Fare Cookbook   Larkin Community Cookbook   Ambrosia Cookbook


The elegantly-appointed Food Fare Cookbook contains the cream of the crop from the Food Fare web site, with more than 195 distinctive and original recipes.


The Larkin Community Cookbook includes a compilation of more than 40 recipes mentioned or prepared by characters in the 8-part fictional epic known as the Collective Obsessions Saga by author Deidre Dalton.


The Ambrosia Cookbook will be released in late July or early August by Club Lighthouse Publishing and contains recipes in all categories, along with special dishes for holidays and vegetarians, and easy-to-assemble herb and spice mixes. As not to forget our beloved furry friends, we've also included homemade recipes for cats and dogs.


Cookbooks Micro-Site >

BBQ Goods

Try this outdoor griller favorite:

Good Grills! Paprika Chicken...Grilled Paprika Chicken

3 to 4 each of chicken drumsticks & thighs


Lawry's Seasoned Salt

Black pepper



Rinse chicken in cold water, shake off excess moisture, and place on a large cookie sheet. Season the chicken with generous portions of paprika, Lawry's Seasoned Salt and black pepper. Make sure to rub spices underneath the skin as well. Sprinkle lightly with dried cinnamon. Allow chicken to stand and marinate for thirty minutes to one hour. Place the chicken on a pre-heated outdoor grill, turning once, until fully cooked and no longer pink inside. Variation: Broil chicken in the oven, although the indoor method is not as good as the outdoor grill.

More Poultry Recipes >

Until Next Time

Check back for updates and other news as autumn approaches, or come by our page at Facebook to leave a comment. Food Fare also has a place to rant and rave on Twitter.


You might be surprised by what you find...


Happy Cooking from Food Fare,

Shenanchie at Food Fare

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