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December 2008

Issue #2

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1. Happy Holidays
2. Ethnic Cuisine
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4. Contributors

5. Pine Nuts

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Seasonal Bits:

Winter is upon us, which brings about the global Christmas holiday.


Take a peak at Noel to get historical facts about the holiday along with more than two dozen Christmas recipes from around the world.


Also new is a feature about Pine Nuts, which includes the history and harvesting of pine nuts, health benefits, links and resources and several recipes using pine nuts.


Don't forget about our selection of other food articles, such as in-depth pieces about artichokes, avocados, garlic, hot dogs, mushrooms, ravioli, tamales, and more.


More Food Articles >


Food Fare is lucky to have a staff of exceptional contributors, who offer their own tried-and-true recipes and cooking methods.


Read about our talented contributors by perusing their biographies and having a look at their photos.


Food Fare Contributors >

Readers Mail:

Food Fare often receives e-mail from reader's who have something to say about the web site, the recipes or the food articles. Every valid message or question is answered.


Readers Mail


Readers Mail >



Coming Soon:

Over the next few months look for features about Pine Nuts and special pages for canine recipes, diabetics and vegan recipes. Updates >

Food Fare

Happy Holidays from Food Fare...


Christmas is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. Most people have a lifetime of memories to fill their thoughts every holiday season. It is somehow comforting to have these lasting memories, and perhaps may remind us of happier times.


In that spirit, Food Fare has assembled an informative article entitled Noel about Christmas traditions around the world. Read about the history of Santa Claus, the North Pole and Christmas Trees; learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in different languages, get gift-wrapping ideas and peruse holiday resources, and try your hand at holiday recipes such as Apple Yule Logs, Christmas Rum Balls, Gingerbread Cake, Greek Christmas Cookies, Lime Shortbread, Limerick Ham, Mailanderli (Swiss Milano Cookies), Mushroom Pockets, Nusstorte, Pecan Kisses, Spanish Hot Chocolate, Wassail, Welsh Christmas Pudding and more.


Merry Christmas from our house to yours...

Discover Noel >

Ethnic Cuisine

Food Fare's Ethnic & Traditional Cuisine includes information about the food and culture of different countries, time periods and events. Features contain bits of history, food traditions, lifestyle and dishes native to the specific country, as well as authentic recipes. In most cases, there is also a section of words and phrases in the native tongue of the subject.


Discover the richness of other cultures and explore global food traditions by visiting our selection of ethnic features, which currently include bits about the Basque people, Ireland, Japan, Scotland and food in the Middle Ages.


Visit Ethnic & Traditional Cuisine >

Pine Nuts

Cooking with Pine NutsFood Fare's new "food" article is about pine nuts, that oft-misunderstood edible that comes from the cone of a variety of pine tree.


Learn about the history and harvesting of pine nuts, health benefits, links and resources and try several recipes using pine nuts such as Catfish with Pine Nuts, Green Beans with Pine Nuts, Pine Nut Pesto and Spaghetti Squash with Pine Nuts.


Here's a sample recipe using pine nuts:

Green Beans with Pine Nuts

1/4 C pine nuts, roasted

1 1/2 LBS green beans, trimmed & cut into 1/2" pieces

2 TBS lemon juice

2 tsp. Olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste


Toast the pine nuts in a baking dish in a 350-degree oven for about three or four minutes, shaking the baking dish frequently. Steam green beans in boiling water or an electric steamer-cooker until tender. Drain green beans and transfer to a serving bowl. Toss with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Click here for more about Pine Nuts >

Food Fare Recipes

Some of the recipes to be found at Food Fare come from the culinary articles, but there is a large number that come from Shenanchie, her friends and family, and other sources. The collection has grown over many years and presents an enticing display of various comfort foods, as well as long-held traditional dishes and a simply marvelous array of surprising little food gems.


Many of the recipes also have extra bits of information, such as origin and locality, as well as links to more about specific foods in the dishes. We had some fun creating the Christmas recipes, adding a snow scene graphic for the backgrounds.


Get some recipes >


Thanks for visiting Food Fare. Check back for updates and other news as the year dawns. You might be surprised by what you find...


Happy Cooking from Food Fare,

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Food Fare Notes, Issue #2

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