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Parsnip CakesParsnip Cakes

Scrape and pare the parsnips, leaving whole. Cut into halves, fourths or slices. Heat 1" of salted water (1/2 tsp. salt to 1 C of water) to boiling. Add the parsnips. Cover and heat to boiling and reduce heat. Cook until tender (about 30 minutes), and then drain. Mash the parsnips well, and then mix in a bowl with the flour, salt, pepper, butter, onion and egg. Shape parsnip mixture into patties, and coat with the bread crumbs. Heat shortening in a large skillet over low heat until melted. Cook the parsnip patties in the shortening over medium heat, turning once, until golden brown (about 5 minutes).


Recipe featured in Food Fare's Community Garden Cookbook.


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