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Why are some of Food Fare's articles free for online use, while others have to be purchased for a small fee?


[Reply]: All food articles written by Shenanchie O'Toole or edited by Food Fare used to be freely available online. However, after several unfortunate incidents of blatant plagiarism and unauthorized sales by several unknown entities, we decided to place the articles in e-book format with Amazon and Barnes & Noble to better track their usage. The articles are also available as Adobe Acrobat editions from our web site.


However, several food articles are still freely available online. They include:

Most articles about the food and culture of different countries, time periods and events and other food-specific topics are now available in e-book format (see Food Fare's Culinary Collection) and as Adobe Acrobat editions (see Food Articles).


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Food ArticlesWhy are some of the titles in the Culinary Collection available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but also displayed as free articles on the Food Fare web site?


[Reply]: Five books in the Culinary Collection are also available as free online "articles." The titles include:

Information included with the free articles is typically spread out across several web pages. Offering the articles as e-books (Kindle, Nook & PDF), was done in order to consolidate specific content into one volume for convenience to readers and for those undertaking research projects. The e-books also contain bonus recipes and other related information which are not available in the articles. Links to the free online articles are included with the product descriptions of all five books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Please Note: The e-book edition of Halloween Cuisine is a combination of two articles written by Shenanchie and displayed online by Food Fare. They include:

Pricing on the above mentioned e-book titles were calculated on costs related to book cover designs and converting text documents into multiple e-reader formats: Christmas Noel ($1.25), Halloween Cuisine ($1.00), Pine Nuts ($0.99), Tea Time ($1.25) and Thanksgiving with Food Fare ($1.25). PDF (Adobe Acrobat) editions of the same books are priced slightly higher because of the inclusion of more graphics.


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Food ArticlesWhy are most of Food Fare's articles available in both E-Book and Adobe Acrobat formats?


[Reply]: Because of formatting specifics required to convert articles into e-book format ("EPUB" for Barnes & Noble, "MOBI" for Kindle), images, bulleted lists and other document features cannot be viewed as intended. Therefore, Food Fare decided to make available most articles in Adobe Acrobat Digital editions as well.


Adobe Acrobat Digital editions (PDF, portable document format) easily convert from most word processing programs and retain all original design layouts, formatting and images from the original document. We offer our readers the choice between e-book and PDF formats for that reason alone.


That being said, the PDF editions of our articles are more expensive than their e-book counterparts available at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Typical e-book prices range from $0.99 to $2.25, while the PDF versions vary from $5.50 to $22.50, depending on length and size of document. For example, Malagasy Matsiro in PDF format is only $5.50 (24 pages, 620 KB), while Arabic Cookery costs $22.50 (187 pages, 3.1 MB). Their e-book equivalents are $0.99 and $2.25, respectively.

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