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Food Fare: AvocadosFrom Val Smith, re: Avocados

I'm new to the Avocado world and for as much as I have read about the fruit, I haven't read when an Avocado is too ripe to eat. I purchased a couple and left them in my truck overnight and most of the next day in 80-degree weather. After remembering to retrieve them, I left them on my counter for a couple more days. They are a dark purplish color with light green and yellowish centers. I had no trouble cubing and spooning out the fruit, but the taste was not pleasing. Is it just my taste buds or is something wrong with them? Thanks for your info. Val.


[Reply]: If the avocados have ripened too long or taste "off" I wouldn't eat them. However, try this site to find more information: Avocado Central FAQ'S.


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Food Fare: AvocadosFrom Said, re: Avocados

Hello. I need some seeds of mexicola avocado. I'm from Belgium. Do you know someone who can help me with this?


[Reply]: Browse through Agri-Seek (avocado seeds for sale), or try searching for "mexicola avocado seeds" to find other resources. Good luck!


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Food Fare: AvocadosFrom Sue Swanson, re: Mexicola, Avocados

I have two Mexicola avocado trees and they are about two stories tall and are full of fruit oval and about 4-5 inches long. I pick them when they are just starting to turn black and let them ripen like I do the Hass and they rot. I pick them when they are black and they soften up and rot. How and when do I pick these? I can find a lot of info on all the other varieties but nothing really on the Mexicola. Any and all info would be very much appreciated.


[Reply]: Search the existing content at Living & Raw Foods, Laguna Hills Nursery or Avocado Information at Texas A&M. Another idea is to call your local grocery and ask the produce manager about the Mexicola. I know there is a specialty market where I live, and they helped me when I was looking for information about the Kona Sharwil avocado. Please let me know how your quest turns out.


Reply from Sue Swanson, re: Mexicola, Avocados

Thank you so much. The last one you gave me from Texas told me to wait until the fruit ripens in a few days. If it rots or stays hard it isn't ready and to keep trying every week or so.


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Food Fare: AvocadosFrom Sonja, re: avocado oil & allergies, Avocados

Do avocados have some type of oil in them? Every time I eat one I get an upset stomach. What could be in the avocados to make me do that? Can I be allergic to them?


[Reply]: Sorry to hear about your experience. Avocados do have natural oil in them; actually half their weight is oil. For more about avocados in general, please reference Food Fare's book Avocados. However, in regards to your specific question, you might be able to find more information at Peak of Health or Della Natura.


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Food Fare: AvocadosFrom Leslie Taira, re: Kona Sharwil Avocados, Avocados

I live in California and was wondering where to buy the Kona Sharwil avocados?


[Reply]: Kona Sharwil avocados were originally from Australia, and are now commercially grown in Hawaii. But there is also mention of them being at South Coast Field Station, Orange, California.


You might find more at the Avocado Information site, or try calling your grocer to see if they will stock them for you.


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