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Food Fare: Hot Diggity DogFrom From Marshall White, re: Hot Diggity Dog

I enjoyed your article and have a question for you. Is there any producer of turkey franks (preferably fat-free or close to it) that uses natural casings?


[Reply]: In reference to your question about turkey dogs, I found some information at Sara Lee Food Service; more about natural casings at Fraboni's although turkey franks are not included; Dietz & Watson sells turkey franks but there is no mention of natural casings; and if you're interested in the natural casings themselves, try Nature's Best Natural Sausage Casings. I'm glad you enjoyed my article about hot dogs, and good luck in your search!



Food Fare: Hot Diggity DogFrom Kyle Harvey, re: Hot Diggity Dog

Hay: Great page about hot dogs. My family and I have been in the hot dog biz over 45 years; I loved your site!!! It tells it like it is.


[Reply]: Thank you for the kind words!



Food Fare: Hot Diggity DogFrom Marty, re: Hot Diggity Dog or Southern Chili?, re: Hot Diggity Dog

Southern Chili recipe?


[Reply]: Were you looking for a recipe for southern chili, or making a remark in regards to the article Hot Diggity Dog? If you were looking for a recipe, try Serendipity's Southern Chili at Recipe Source. Happy eats!



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