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Food Fare: Japanese RecipesFrom "Summer Lady," re: Wasabi peas, Japan

I followed links from Google after I put in canned Wasabi Peas, and they sent me several times to your site. But I cannot find where to look on your site. Is it possible that you could tell me where I could obtain canned Wasabi Peas: a website, a manufacturers name, anything? Thanks for any help you can provide.


[Reply]: Food Fare has a recipe for Wasabi Peas, along with details about Wasabi Powder & Paste. If that doesn't help, try searching the Asian Grocer.


The "canned" or "packaged" versions of Wasabi peas seems to be more readily available. I hope this is what you're looking for.


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Food Fare: Japanese RecipesFrom Elaine Myer, re: Japan

Do you have a reprint of the City Weekly article ("Food Matters") that was written about Food Fare, Shenanchie and Japan?


[Reply]: Of course! We have the reprint available online.


The article Food Matters was featured in the November 8, 2001 edition of the City Weekly (both print and online). Click here to read the article.


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Food Fare: Japanese RecipesFrom Tom G., re: Japan

What are some of your favorite Japanese restaurants?


[Reply]: I have several favorites! Check the list below:

I highly recommend each and every one.


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