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Food Fare: Pine NutsFrom Penny Frazier (Pinion Penny), re: Pine Nuts

Nice article about pine nuts. There is more pine nut news on the horizon as the price has gone through the roof for shelled pine nuts.


[Reply]: Thanks for your comment about our article on Pine Nuts. I hope you don't mind, but I've added a link to your blog in the article (under Links & Resources). Your blog and web site are very informative.



Food Fare: Pine NutsFrom Penny Frazier (Pinion Penny), re: Pine Nuts

That is kind of you Shenanchie. I have worked hard for 14 year on issues related to public lands and pine nuts. Not very many people know about my blog and I am very appreciative of the link. Are you a hard shell person, or soft shell? Great Basin, or New Mexico? There are not a lot of "foodies" who know about in shell pine nuts.


[Reply]: Hi Penny: The pine nuts I get are in hard shell, but I always roast them on a foil-lined cookie sheet for about fifteen minutes. They are wonderful! I'm not sure if they are Great Basin or New Mexico. I typically get them at the local grocery store, but in recent years they have been so expensive I haven't indulged. I'm so glad to meet another pine-nut lover. When I wrote the article about Pine Nuts last year I didn't get much reaction. I really don't know anyone who loves pine nuts like I do, so I wasn't surprised by the lack of response. Sometimes I think people don't understand how delicious the little treasures are...more for us, aye?



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