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Food Fare: Tea Time RecipesFrom Janie Kenney, re: tea tree oil, Tea Time

I have heard that tea made from tea tree oil is beneficial to various ailments, including tuberculosis. I have a very good and dear friend with this sickness. From commercial medicines to combat this, he has also developed a liver problem. He is very ill and losing a lot of weight. If possible, could you please inform me if there is a recipe for this tea, and where I can attain such a recipe? I would be eternally grateful. And you would be in our prayers for always.


[Reply]: I found the following links with information about Tea Tree Oil:

I hope some of the web sites help you learn more about the tea tree, and the various health benefits claimed. If you search some of these sites, you may also be able to find a recipe for a beverage as well.


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Food Fare: Tea Time RecipesFrom Janet, re: tea etiquette, Tea Time

I would like to know, if one may wear black or pants to an afternoon tea?


[Reply]: Here are a few links that might help you:

I hope a few of those links help find the answer to your question. I'm not sure about the United States, but in England I believe dresses are worn to tea, and sometimes hats (although not necessarily black).


Reply from Janet, re: tea etiquette, Tea Time

Thank you for your reply. I'm looking for a direct quote addressing the wearing of dresses. Any more suggestions?


[Food Fare Reply]: Hello again! That's a tough one. The only thing I can suggest is to follow links within the links I have already given to you to try and find what you're looking for.


However, I did find another useful site called Teas 2 Dine, which has a slew of links relating to tea and the etiquette involved. The page contains information about general etiquette, schools of etiquette, links to etiquette books for sale, and much more. You might try looking at several of the links on the page, and hopefully you can find exactly what you're looking for. But you may have to do some digging.


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Food Fare: Tea Time RecipesFrom Lisa Kenney, re: fellow tea lover, Tea Time

Enjoyed your web site. I agree a cup of tea [Tea Time] is just the right thing for the end of the day to relax a bit and settle down.


[Reply]: Thank you. :)


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Food Fare: Tea Time RecipesFrom James Dennis, re: custard tarts, Tea Time

I have been trying to find a source where I can either purchase or get info on the "custard tarts" that Lionel on As Time Goes By used to eat all the time. Any information that you have will be appreciated.


[Reply]: I'm a big fan of As Time Goes By as well. Lionel's near-constant plea for "custard tarts" is quite amusing. Here are a few links to recipes for custard tarts:

As for buying custard tarts, you may be able to find them in your local grocery store (probably in the freezer section), or try finding them at the British Supermarket web site.


Good luck - and thank you for making me hungry for custard tarts!



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