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Food Fare: Canadian RecipesSauerkraut-Hamburger Casserole

Libby's brand SauerkrautAdd hamburger to a skillet; season with salt, black pepper and parsley to taste. Add chopped onion. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until beef is no longer pink. Drain; set aside.


Shred half-head of green cabbage. Drain liquid from jar of sauerkraut. In a large baking dish, layer portions of cooked hamburger and onion, sauerkraut and shredded cabbage. Top with cream of tomato soup, spreading evenly. Repeat layers with remaining ingredients. Bake in a 350-degree F oven for forty-five minutes to one hour, or until shredded cabbage is tender. Serve.


Tip: If casserole mixture appears too dry, add a bit of water to the soup concentrate. It will provide moisture and also slightly dilute the strong tomato flavor.


Shenanchie's Note: I don't normally like sauerkraut in any form, but the inclusion of it in this dish with hamburger, tomato soup concentrate and extra cabbage is marvelous. Give it a whirl!


*Recipe Source: Jackie Labrecque-Daigle.


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