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Stir Fry LightStir Fry Light

Cut beef or chicken into bite-sized pieces; place in a large Tupperware bowl. Add sliced garlic, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, and salt and black pepper. Mix well, and cover. Refrigerate for twenty-four hours or more.


When ready to cook, place a little bit of olive oil into a pre-heated wok or large frying pan. Add the meat, leaving in the garlic slices. Stir occasionally as the meat cooks over medium heat. After about ten minutes, add the sliced celery, carrots, onions, whole young corn and water chestnuts. Stir well and cook for an additional five minutes. Mix in the snow peas, green beans, frozen vegetables and the chicken broth. Stir well; cook for another ten minutes.


Cook pasta according to package directions or preference; drain. Stir pasta into cooked meat mixture. Toss well; cook another three or four minutes to heat through, letting the pasta soak up some of the chicken broth. Add more teriyaki or broth if needed or desired. Serve at once.


*Stir Fry Light image (C) Shenanchie.

*Recipe Source: Wilbert Alviso


Recipe featured in the Food Fare Cookbook.


Shenanchie's Culinary Anecdote

There are literally hundreds of stir-fry recipes floating around. One dish seems to blend into the next with their endless variations. Many years ago, I purchased ready-made "chow mien" from the Safeway store deli near my home. It was some of the best Chinese food I have ever eaten. The Safeway "chow mien" didn't really taste like real chow mien. It was more like a light stir fry with spaghetti noodles. My husband Wilbert went about re-creating the dish himself. By the time he finished, the result not only excelled the "chow mien" from Safeway, it had the lightness of stir fry with more vegetables and seasoned chicken. Thus Stir Fry Light was born. Experiment with the ingredients and add whatever you desire, such as your favorite vegetables, or beef instead of chicken or no meat at all, for that matter.


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