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Horchata de Chufas (Tiger Nut Milk)Horchata de Chufas

Tiger Nut Milk

Soak the nuts overnight; rinse well and put through a blender with the hot water until mixture is smooth and milky. Press moisture from the nuts through a double-cheesecloth, or through a fine sieve. Sweeten the liquid with sugar; add the zest from half a lemon. Cover and chill before serving.


Tiger Nuts (Cyperus Sculentus)Substitution: Use almonds in place of Tiger Nuts, or use Almond Milk.


Note: The Tiger Nut comes from the plant "Cyperus Sculentus," which is cultivated in sixteen villages in the Spanish region of Valencia. Tiger nuts are formed from small roots of the plant. They become either prolonged (hargueta) or rounded (armela).


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