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Turkey Burgers


Combine the turkey with the seasonings; add the egg and breadcrumbs to keep ground meat together. Shape into "hamburger" patties and place in upper tray of a steamer. Steam the turkey patties on a drainable tray until cooked through; about twenty or thirty minutes. Remove from steamer carefully and serve on hamburger buns and with preferred condiments. One pound of ground turkey can make up to six patties.


Shenanchie's Note About Steamers: There are a variety of inexpensive steamers available on the market today. I have three of them, using one for rice, one for homemade canine fare, and the other for meats and vegetables. The steamer I use for main meals contains a cooking tray with drain holes and a bulkier dish for large bits of food such as broccoli. After eating steamed foods on a regular basis, it's hard to go back to anything fried. Steamed foods retain as much flavoring as you put into them, and they never lose their delicious moisture.


Featured in the Recipes-on-a-Budget Cookbook.


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