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Press Release: Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Food Fare Announces Culinary Collection


Food Fare's new Culinary Collection offers an exclusive selection of their food articles in e-book format, including Kindle, Nook and Adobe Digital Editions.


The books include information about the food and culture of different countries across the globe. They also contain history, food traditions, lifestyle and dishes native to the specific country, as well as authentic recipes, words and phrases in the native tongue of the subject, along with food terms.


Titles include:

  1. Food Fare Culinary CollectionMedieval Cuisine

  2. Basque Flavors

  3. American Food & Culture

  4. Greek Culinaria

  5. German Gourmania

  6. The Emerald Isle

  7. Savory Spain

  8. Thai Cookery

  9. Polish Kuchina

  10. Scottish Vivers

  11. Aussie Gastronomy

  12. Mexican Cantina

More titles will be added in the near future.


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