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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Launch of the Food Fare web site


Food Fare is a special addition to Shenanchie's food blog Appetizing Muse, featuring recipes and culinary traditions from a variety of countries and cultures, as well as food-specific topics. The recipes are also a collection of favorite dishes, some handed down through the generations.


Food Fare will also include kitchen and cooking tips, conversions tables, information about herbs and spices, and readers mail.


Welcome and happy cooking!


Welcome to Food Fare!



Food Fare originated as Shenanchie's Kitchen in May 2000. It was developed into a personal cooking web site that was updated each month with personal favorites as well as in-depth articles about the food and culture from different countries around the world. The site closed in May 2005 because of Shenanchie's other pressing commitments, but she continued to make "foody" entries at her blog Appetizing Muse.


Shenanchie's Kitchen reopened as Food Fare in October 2008, bringing with it the global flavors found in unique and original recipes, seasonal favorites, kitchen and cooking tips, food links and more.

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