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Food Fare Contributor: Wilbert AlvisoWilbert "Bear" Alviso was a former recipe contributor to Food Fare. Sadly, he passed away in September 2011 after a brief illness.


He always believed presentation was an important part of cooking and recipe preparation. "What looks good to the eye always seems to go well with the palate," he once said. "No matter what I'm cooking, I always try to present the dish with garnish whether I'm eating alone or not."


Wilbert worked as a healthcare provider. He was a CNA (certified nursing assistant) for more than twenty-five years. His gentle manner touched both patients and staff at Okanogan Douglas District Hospital and Columbia Medical Clinic in Brewster, Washington; at Whitman Health & Rehabilitation Center in Colfax, Washington and at St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute in Spokane.


When not experimenting in the kitchen, he spent his free time woodworking and writing fiction novels. He also liked art and photography.


Wilbert was a kind, considerate and gentle man. He was unforgettable not just to his family and Food Fare, but to many others who knew him over the years as well.


He will be greatly missed.


Click here to read the press announcement of Wilbert's death and a re-print of his obituary.


Wilbert's recipes at Food Fare:

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