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Deborah O'Toole aged three, in the kitchen of the old house in HeberDaughter of Barney O'Toole and the former Joyce Watts, and the youngest member of the original O'Toole cousins, Deborah was born in Greenwich, Connecticut on August 29, 1961. She was an only child raised in Connecticut, Texas, Utah, California and Nevada. Because of the many moves across country, Debby received her education at a variety of schools but graduated from Earl Wooster Senior High School in Reno, Nevada in June 1979.


Always a writer, Debby toyed with short stories and book ideas from the time she was a child. Because of personal detours - or what she refers to as the "wasteland of multiple marriages" she did not begin to submit her work to publishers until the 1990's.


In 1980, Debby worked in the office at Applied Geophysics in Salt Lake City, Utah where she met her first husband, Jerry Dalton. They were married November 5, 1982, but later divorced in February 1987. Afterward, she worked for the United Bank Note printing company for a few years and later became an administrative assistant for First Security Insurance in Salt Lake City between 1985-1991.


Debby married her second husband Rocky Hunt on June 1, 1990, and relocated to Pocatello, Idaho two years later. She worked at Fasteners, Inc., where she did the accounting, collections and purchasing before the company closed it's Pocatello branch in 1998. One year later, Debby and her second husband separated and she returned to Bountiful, Utah. The couple were subsequently divorced in February 2001.


Debby worked in the business office at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful from 2000-2002, handling Medicare claims and processing daily deposits. It was while working at the hospital that she met her third husband, Wilbert Alviso. The couple were married February 21, 2002 and relocated to Spokane, Washington one month later. They purchased a home in North Spokane, and Debby worked part-time at Spokane Community College while pursuing her writing career. Since mid-2004, Debby ceased working outside the home and now writes full time.


Deborah O'Toole (2004)In the summer of 2002, Debby received her first publishing contract with Tyborne Hill, and her book Passion Forsaken was released a year later. She is also the author of Larkin and Fall of the Curtain. All three books are part of the Larkin Saga, a family chronicle set in Maine and covering a span of more than one hundred years.


She has also written several short stories for children, including Foofer & The Ham Bone; Foofer Goes East; Foofer & St. Nick; Foofer, the Pooka & St. Patrick; Foofer Gets Groomed; Foofer Moves Northwest; Foofer & the Magic Mischa; Foofer & the Cat Burglar; and Foofer Meets the Puffins.


Debby is currently editing her next novel Celtic Remnants. Other books in the works include In The Shadow of the King and Megan's Legacy.


Between October 2003 and October 2004, Debby was a staff writer for Ambermont Magazine, where she contributed monthly articles. Links to the articles can be found on the Other Works page of her web site.

She also makes regular entries in her official web log Irish Eyes, and the food blog Appetizing Muse.

Debby currently resides in the Inland Northwest with her husband and their beloved canines, Foofer and Rainee. Within the next year Deborah hopes to relocate to the state of Maine near the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, which is the setting for her books and beloved characters in the Larkin Saga.


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