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A questionnaire has been devised whereby we can gather information from all O'Toole family members to create our family tree. The questionnaire can be downloaded from this page in the formats provided, or click here for a printable online version.

If possible, return the form via e-mail to Debby O'Toole by clicking on the e-mail button below:


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Or send the form by postal mail to:


Deborah O'Toole
PO Box 7581
Spokane, WA 99207


There are extra spaces on the questionnaire for multiple marriages and for those of us who now have grandchildren of our own. Not all portions are applicable to everyone, so if the questionnaire seems long donít be daunted or put off.


Please try to provide photographs if you have them available, and a brief biography of your life so far. Photographs can be sent as an attachment, or they can be mailed with the questionnaire to the post office box listed above. Photos of family members as children and then as adults would be appreciated. Images will be edited for size and quality and then added to the specific family member's web page at this site. All photos will be returned to the sender.


Note: For security reasons, no family member's e-mail address, telephone number or physical address will be displayed at the O'Toole Family Tree web site.



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