Halloween Lights

Posted Sun, 10/18/15

I was determined to collect all four flashlights from Arctic Circle's "Square Pumpkin" boxed kids meals during October, and I did it. The mini-flashlights include a witch, skull, pumpkin and ghost.

Square Pumpkin boxed kids meals from Arctic Circle. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

And what about the food inside the boxes? Oddly enough, I prefer them to typical adult meals and portions. Kids meals are just right - smaller portions with a little carton of milk, small soda and fries included. For the "Square Pumpkin" boxed kids meals, one can choose a hamburger, corn dog, corn dog mini-bites or chicken tenders.

Not bad for around four dollars . . .


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Graveyard Grub

Posted Thu, 10/01/15

My favorite time of year is finally here!

The heat of summer is now just an unpleasant memory. Foliage is changing color, shedding the dusty look of the driest season. Food also becomes more alluring, full of harvest hues and flavors.

Food Fare: Halloween RecipesAutumn usually provides a bounty of fresh produce, including pumpkins, squashes and zucchini. Zucchini Casserole is another favorite, along with Apple-Stuffed Acorn Squash, Baked Pine Nuts, Pumpkin Cookies and Pumpkin Pie Pudding. The possibilities are literally endless.

Looking for more Graveyard Grub? Recipes for the season? Or some Halloween folklore? For ghoulish tidbits from Food Fare, take a pick from Halloween History or All Hallows Eve - if you dare . . . Learn about Halloween traditions around the globe, famous legends, tricks and trivia, Halloween words that originated many centuries ago, peruse ghoulish web links, and try your hand at some fiendish delights:

Black Cat Pie, Bloodshake, Bloody Mary Dip, Bread of the Dead, Eyeballs, Eye of Newt, Freaky Fingers, Monster Eyes, Soul Cakes, Spider Web Dip, Toasted Tombstones, Witches Brew and many more.

And don't forget about the Pumpkin Patch, which includes the history of pumpkins, tips on growing pumpkins, varieties, methods of cooking, health benefits, trivia, and a few choice recipes such as Pumpkin Dip, Pumpkin Pancakes and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.

Enjoy the season!


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Summer Catch-Up

Posted Wed, 08/12/15

Lack of foody blog posts over the last several months is not due to an absence of culinary experiences, but rather a lack of time or energy in which to write about them. Without going into details, various personal catastrophes involving myself or family members have seemed to occur in steady onslaught fashion, wearing down my natural enthusiasm for just about anything, including my passionate inclination to write. The urge disappeared for a long time, but has recently been creeping back into my daily routine.

Firstly, several new recipes have been added to Food Fare since April (most with photos included). Savory Stuffing Cakes became the result of leftover boxed stuffing and my use of it:

Savory Stuffing Cakes (preparation)      Savory Stuffing Cakes

Slow Cooker Mushroom Chicken & Rice is my version of a childhood favorite, the inclusion of dill weed and broth made from chicken bouillon cubes being the only deviations from Mum's original recipe:

Slow Cooker Mushroom Chicken & Rice

I also experimented with my recipe for Couscous Mini Bells, adding chicken and mushrooms for a nice variation (Chicken & Mushroom Couscous Mini Bells):

Chicken & Mushroom Couscous Mini Bells

Along the way, I messed with a standard variation of meatloaf (using a tiny amount of beef mixed with egg-breadcrumb filler and baked with small white potatoes and baby carrots):

Meatloaf variation. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Other new recipes (all from Food Fare contributors) include Bak Kwa Burgers, French Vanilla Chai Cake, Kiwi Crumble Bars, Potato, Cauliflower & Onion Pakoras and Stuffed Bread Bowls.

Secondly, I have the "ups and downs" on two restaurants I visited with Mum over the last few months:

  • Thumbs Down: Granny Annie'sGranny Annie's: I'll never frequent this restaurant again. It was horrible - lackluster service, and the food was nothing to write home about. Their self-named "famous" scones were doughy and tasteless. Mum could not eat the turkey plate she ordered because the gravy was beyond salty, so she finally settled for a side dish of tater tots. The apple turnover for dessert was just another scone heaped with gobs of sickeningly sweet frosting. Not recommended!

  • Village Inn. Highly recommended!Village Inn: Wonderful food, and nearly perfect service. I realize Village Inn is a chain restaurant, but the variety and quality of dishes offered is impressive and on much better par than some of the top tier eateries I've tried. My recent favorite meal is their Denver Omelet, which is perhaps the best I've ever tasted (including my own recipe). Mum enjoyed their tomato-basil soup tremendously. We plan to return to Village Inn for our joint birthday celebration later this month, and probably on many other occasions before the year draws to a close as well. Highly recommended!

We live, eat and learn . . .


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New Recipe Contributors

Posted Wed, 08/12/15

Food Fare has two new recipe contributors:

Julie Amalia: Julie Amalia lives in Indonesia with her parents, two older sisters and younger brother. She currently works at her parents' company, but is obsessed with sports, particularly running, food, dance and books. At present, she is also interested in the world of cooking, photography and blogging. In her Julie's Food & Photog blog, she shares her homemade food endeavors as well as meals eaten during her travels.

Whitney Binzel: Whitney loves cooking, especially Indian food. Her blog Whitbit's Kitchen contains mostly Indian recipes, but she cooks everything. She usually cooks what she craves, but is often spontaneous. Most of the Indian food Whitney cooks is Northern Indian, although now and then she prepares Southern Indian and Gujarati. Because she was born and raised in Alabama, she also whips up Southern specialties. Whitney lives in Arkansas with her German Shepherd Luke, terrier mix Penny and her Bengali boyfriend, Kshitij.

Welcome aboard, ladies!

We also lost a recipe contributor earlier this year. Jackie Labrecque-Daigle passed away in May 2015 after a brief illness. Jackie was my Mum's cousin, both of them born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Jackie and Mum were more like sisters than cousins, being born only two months apart. Jackie developed her own cooking style over the years, creating several original recipes. She especially liked baking, and perfected the well-known Pastry Pie Crust. She also liked to prepare savory dishes, including her tomato sauce specialty which is available at Food Fare. Jackie is sorely missed.

Click here to learn more about becoming a recipe contributor to Food Fare.

Give it a whirl!


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