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Posted Mon, 02/06/12


My second husband was of Italian descent. While the marriage went awry and he has since passed away (2008), the ten years we spent together did offer a few culinary positives. I learned several recipes from both my former husband and his mother. While some of the dishes are time-consuming and complicated, the following is perhaps the most simple of all:


Garlic Butter

1 stick butter (8 TBS)

1 TBS finely minced garlic, fresh or from jar

Pinch of dried parsley


Remove butter from wrapper and place in a small glass bowl. Soften in microwave for about thirty seconds. Stir in minced garlic. Add pinch of parsley; stir. Store leftover mixture in a plastic container covered tightly with a lid; keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Suggestions: Use garlic butter as a spread on grilled French bread or toast, or add to vegetable dishes for extra flavor. Note: It is not recommended to keep leftover garlic butter in the refrigerator longer than two weeks as it has a tendency to turn rancid.

The recipe also appears in Garlic Galore, one of the newest releases in the Food Fare Culinary Collection.


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