Presidential Food Faves

Posted Mon, 02/20/12


According to Delish Magazine, some of the favorite foods of various presidents include:


John. F. Kennedy: New England clam chowder, corn muffins, baked beans.

Lyndon Johnson: Canned peas, tapioca pudding, and sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows.

Richard Nixon: Known to love fresh yogurt for breakfast (flown in daily from California), adorned with a splash of ketchup.

Gerald Ford: Pot roast, red cabbage, butter-pecan ice cream.

Jimmy Carter: Cornbread, sirloin steak (medium-rare), special White House cookie made with pecans and peanuts.

Ronald Reagan: Jelly beans, pumpkin-pecan pie, monkey bread, ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate-chip cookies, fudge brownies.

George H.W. Bush: Known more for his dislike of broccoli and preference for hot sauce.

William Clinton: McDonalds burgers, steak, onion rings.

George W. Bush: Tex-mex and beef tenderloin.

Barack Obama: Chili, along with fresh, organic vegetables from the White House garden.

The list of presidents only includes those who have held office during my lifetime. I was born about nine months after John F. Kennedy was elected.


Happy Presidents Day!


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