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Posted Wed, 03/28/12


Once again I apologize for my lack of food photography skills, but this was last Sunday's dinner plate:


Double Mushroom Burgers with Shenanchie's Potato Salad


The menu included Double Mushroom Burgers and Shenanchie's Potato Salad.


Rather than shape the hamburger patties by hand, I bought pre-formed frozen patties from the grocery store. The preparation went smoother because of their uniform size, also making it easier to pinch the edges closed.


I also added one of my "culinary anecdotes" to the recipe page:


I've made no secret about the fact that I've been married multiple times. Rather than cling to bad memories, I prefer to recall the positive aspects of each go-around - most of which have to do with culinary events. My second husband had an eccentric but wealthy uncle named Bud, who invited us over to his home for outdoor barbeques on more than one occasion. During one of these excursions, sometime in 1993, he prepared his "famous" mushroom burgers for the grill. I watched with avid interest, of course, and thought the process to be quite simple. Over the years I've refined the recipe a tad, adding different cheeses and often substituting hand-shaped patties with the store-bought frozen variety. Using the pre-shaped patties, which are uniform in size, allows for easier preparation. The edges of the patties also seal better - when employing the "pinching" method - as opposed to working with hand-shaped hamburgers.

Double Mushroom Burgers, as well as the potato salad, are both fairly simple to prepare and tasty additions to any barbeque party.


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