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Posted Tue, 03/30/10


Over the years I've sampled salads from most of the well-known fast food restaurants. Back in 2003, I concentrated on several while I lived in Spokane, Washington and wrote blog posts about them:



Today I tried the BLT Cobb Salad from Wendy's and was suitably impressed. The ingredients were plentiful and mostly fresh. In the past I've been irritated by most fast food salads (see my old posts listed above) because they load up on lettuce and little else, but the current Wendy's salads seem to defy the norm.


My only suggestions might be to cook the chicken differently (the chicken breast in the BLT Cobb was very dry), add a few sliced green onions and to perhaps lower the price to a more realistic $4.50 rather then the current over-do of $5.99.


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