Culinary Experiments

Posted Sat, 04/21/12


I've been experimenting with a few dishes over the last few weeks. Here are the results of my efforts:


Baguette Franks    Pita Pizza Trio

Ravioli Casserole    Turkey-Gouda Sandwiches

Top, left to right: Baguette Franks and Pita Pizza Trio.

Bottom, left to right: Ravioli Casserole and Turkey-Gouda Sandwiches.

Images (C) Shenanchie O'Toole.


One of my pet peeves is waste. I won't prepare dishes using spoiled food, but I'd rather utilize every tidbit than toss it away. The freshly-baked baguette loaf I purchased for garlic bread to accompany the Ravioli Casserole was also used for the Turkey-Gouda Sandwiches and Baguette Franks.


I've been on a cheese-kick lately, too, which reflects in the new dishes. What's next, I wonder? Fishy fare or eggs?


Time will tell. However, now that warmer weather is encroaching on my living space, it's highly doubtful I'll be spending much time in the kitchen from now until autumn.


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