More Food Dreams

Posted Mon, 04/26/10


Post surgery, I am still having the occasional odd dream about food.


Last night? I dreamt about freshly-made tortillas filled with mashed avocado, sliced mushrooms and Alfalfa sprouts. Go figure.


Since I'm eating regular meals now, I'm not sure why odd food dreams are continuing.


Over the last few weeks I've been fortunate enough to dine on Greek Gyros, Chinese food (shrimp-fried rice, Moo Goo Gai Pan and cashew chicken in particular), meat raviolis with tomato sauce, tacos, pork roast, baked chicken, hamburgers, pastrami and turkey sandwiches, salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing, steamed vegetables, chicken nuggets with sweet-sour sauce, pancakes and bacon, and pizza (my least favorite of the lot).


Not too bad for a temporary semi-invalid. 



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