Little Feasts

Posted Sun, 05/01/05


The last few days have been a veritable feast in my eyes. I have a strong love for fresh artichokes and avocados, and I've been making meals out of both since Friday.


Avocados are still almost $1 a piece where I live, but we loaded up anyway. I made a big batch of guacamole, using only lemon juice, salt and black pepper. We then grilled small flour tortillas on the stove element and stuffed them full of guacamole and handfuls of alfalfa sprouts.


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I also found small artichokes at my local grocery, where they were priced three for $1. Their price finally went down – all winter long they'd been running almost $3 each. My favorite way to prepare the little gems can be found in the recipe Baked Artichokes.


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I've been in foody heaven for three days, but supplies are now running short . . .

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