Working Recovery

Posted Sat, 05/22/10


I cannot believe I've allowed almost an entire month go by without posting an entry. What can I say?


I'm getting closer to a full recovery from my surgery last month. I'm using a cane for the most part, although stiffness in my left leg persists. The inflexibility stands to reason as I now have a titanium stem in place, but I was hoping to be able to move about without any pain by now.


However, I've been keeping busy. Thankfully most of my work entails sitting at the computer. I've finished a piece about the food and culture of America (as in USA), which will debut at Food Fare on the first of June. The e-book will contain more than two dozen recipes and lots of interesting tidbits.


I've also been tending to my fiction writing with a great deal of progress, and putting together the text pages for an upcoming e-cookbook.


The cookbook will contain more than two hundred recipes found on the Food Fare web site, from simple fare to family recipes for all meals, herbs and spices, canine treats, tea time delicacies and ethnic dishes from around the world. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the year.


For now, though, it's time to shut the computer down and prepare tonight's dinner: Stuffed Bell Peppers


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