The Potato

Posted Sun, 06/03/12


The newest addition to Food Fare's Culinary Collection was released in Kindle and Nook editions today.


The Potato includes information about the history of potatoes, varieties, planting and harvesting, selection and storage, health benefits, potato trivia, recipes and links for further study.


Food Fare Culinary Collection: The Potato


Because of my writing schedule outside the realm of food, I haven't been able to devote much time to anything other than fiction for the last several months.


With a book scheduled for release in mid-June (Bloodfrost written under my pseudonym Deidre Dalton), and another due out in July (Enthrallment), I've been literally burning the candle at both ends.


I'm not sure how much longer I can divide my time between the foodstuff and fiction writing in a reasonable manner, so The Potato might be the last e-book added to the Culinary Collection for quite awhile.




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