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Posted Sat, 06/25/11


I'm one of those people who likes to add salt to just about everything I eat, including pizza, tacos, salads, et al, as long as the dish isn't sweet.


And I know it's not healthy.


Last week I used French's No-Salt seasoning on a salad, and then on a pizza slice. It wasn't bad. To be honest, I couldn't tell much difference between the substitute and the real thing. Now I just have to remember to use it in place of real salt in the future.


On an unrelated note, the new "food" game Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom is good fun. Give it a whirl if you get the chance.


Description from Big Fish Games:


Gourmania 3: Zoo ZoomHelp Victoria launch a chain of exotic restaurants in Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom. Find the ingredients for spicy fajitas at Tres Amigos, or prepare a mouthwatering Greek Salad at Aesop's Tables. From pouring hot java at Bean Me Up to serving ice-cold treats at Beaches & Cream, there's never a dull moment as you work quickly to please your customers and increase your profits.

The game has five levels where the player has to gather ingredients for dishes specified in each restaurant. Some of the more interesting dishes are named King's Eggs, Liverpool Sandwich, Neptune's Breakfast, Tea & Waffles, and the ominous-sounding Kaiser Omelet. I'm not sure if the dishes are real or not!


The player earns a new animated zoo animal with each level (zebra, seal, tiger, monkey and bear). I'm currently on the final level, but hate to see it come to an end.


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