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Posted Sat, 07/02/11


I'm not much for the great outdoors. It's wonderful to look at (apart from desert scenes, which I heartily dislike), but I'm not one to enjoy the dirt, dust and heat or snoozing in a sleeping bag under the stars. Give me a nice harbor view from an air-conditioned hotel room, and I'm happy.


Back in the "old days," I used to go camping on a regular basis with my first husband. The Fourth of July was special cause for celebration every year. We'd park our truck by a lake somewhere, cook our food outdoors and sleep in the relative comfort of the camper. My former husband used to like water skiing as well, which was something I never had the desire to try.


Nowadays, I prefer beating the heat by staying indoors with the central air-conditioning and a good book. Or I'll write, play computer games or get busy in the kitchen. To me, all of the above indoor pursuits are much more enjoyable than swatting flies or staring into a campfire.


This morning, I took my leftover pot of coffee and made a tall glass of Iced Coffee. I'm in the midst of "refurbishing" the Food Fare web site with a new look, but wasn't in the mood to get overly involved today. Instead, I played Cooking Dash for a few hours. The game is fun (serving animated characters their food orders), and in the middle of play I got an idea for a recipe. It came from one of the dishes served in the game, but sounds good enough to eat on paper anyway!


Salmon & Shish Kabob

4 salmon steaks

Lemon juice

Salt & black pepper to taste

1 pkg. grilling skewers

1 or 2 pkgs. fresh or frozen scallops

1 ham steak, cut into bite-sized cubes

1 green bell pepper, cleaned & cut into squares

1 red bell pepper, cleaned & cut into squares

1 can pineapple rings, cut in half & folded over

12 button mushrooms (small), cleaned

Buttered white rice or couscous (optional)


Soak the grilling skewers in a flat pan of water for about an hour. This will prevent the skewers from catching fire after you place them on the grill. Season the salmon steaks with desired amounts of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Set aside. Thaw the scallops. Cut ham, bell peppers and pineapple rings. Assemble scallops, ham, bell peppers, pineapple and mushrooms on skewers, leaving about an inch on each end for easy handling. Repeat process until ingredients are gone. On an outdoor grill or in an oven broiler, place full skewers in a single layer. Cook until scallops and ham are done and vegetable are firm-tender, turning a few times during the cooking process. Place salmon steaks on the grill or in an oven broiler and cook to desired doneness (approximately twenty minutes). Suggestions: Serve with buttered white rice or couscous.

The recipe will be included on the re-vamped Food Fare web site, sometime in mid-July. The old site is still up and running, but it's quite a mammoth task to re-assemble the web pages offline with a new design. Not only do I have to recreate each recipe page, I'm re-doing all the sub-pages as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish the project and upload the new pages by mid-July. If not, it will probably be closer to the end of the month.


Click on the sample design below to see it's larger size in a new window:


New design upcoming for the Food Fare web site. Click on image to see it's larger size in a new window.


I've also received word from my publisher that the Ambrosia Cookbook will be coming out in the middle of July, another cause for celebration!


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