Mid-Day Feast

Posted Fri, 07/14/06


Today's lunch was one of my favorite "delicacies." I'm sure some people don't consider artichokes a veritable feast, but I do.


Until a few days ago, globes in my area were selling for $1.99 each, but I found them for 89-cents yesterday at Bargain Giant on the corner of Crestline and Euclid in Spokane. The actual address of the store location is 2103 East Empire.


I tend to buy most meats at Bargain Giant, where I also purchase the authentic Ruiz-Monterey tamales (beef and/or chicken).


At any rate, I prepared two artichokes this afternoon (Baked Artichokes). I was in literal culinary heaven, but my husband took a more conservative approach to the delicacy. He rarely ate the globes before I met him, so he's still on the fence. Wilbert doesn't like the hearts, so I get double helpings when I offer them up as lunch.


Click on the picture below to view larger size in a new window:


Baked Artichoke. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.


For more information about artichokes, check out the Food Fare Culinary Collection title Artichokes.

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