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Posted Mon, 07/26/10


I can't say enough good things about Create TV, so I'll let the channel speak for itself:


Create TV's instructional programs provide expert advice on cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, home improvement and travel. Tune in and be inspired to taste, grow, imagine, explore and live more fully.

After a recent cable television upgrade, I was able to view Create TV for the first time over the weekend. My initial exposure was a day-long collection of cooking shows devoted to corn and tomatoes (theme-titled "Stalk & Vine"). The programs included:


  • "Burt Wolf: What We Eat" (The Seed of Life: The Story of Corn, Episode #107 and Time to Play Ketchup: The Story of the Tomato, Episode #105).

  • "Christina Cooks" (Men and a Good Tomato, Episode #805 and Happy Food, Episode #802).

  • "Healthy Flavors" (You Say Tomato, Episode #304).

  • "Joanne Weir's Cooking Class" (Tomato Basil Fettuccine & Grilled Corn Salad, Episode #205).

  • "Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth" (Cocinar Mexicano, Episode #105).

  • "Ciao Italia" (Quick Tarts-Le Torte Rapide, Episode #1822).

  • "Simply Ming" (Hoisin and Tomatoes, Episode #626).


I didn't sit eagle-eyed at the television all day, but did listen as I worked. Create TV has none of the glitz and glamour of the Food Network, but rather straightforward offerings of informative programs without the hype.


Aside from my political news-junkie eye, I think I've found a new favorite telly channel to view and listen to unique foodstuff and creativity.


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