Food Fare Gets a Facelift

Posted Tue, 07/26/11


Food Fare's "facelift" is finally complete...


New look for Food Fare


The new layout at Food Fare was designed by Webs Divine, who also created the elegant "header" banners, sub-buttons, navigational images and topic-specific buttons and clipart. For more about technical specs of the site, click here.


New features include Food Fare's selection of Cookbooks, the e-book Culinary Collection and various tweaks such as a newsletter Mailing List, Contact Form and the opportunity to become a Recipe Contributor at Food Fare. In addition, a new article dubbed St. Patrick's Day is ready for online reading pleasure.


A few new recipes were also added with the "facelift." They include:


On a technical note, a "Search" feature looms in the near future. Our current web host does not accommodate the programming code required to assemble search functions. Because of the vast number of pages contained within the Food Fare web site (857 pages and counting), it is not practical to use online "widgets" to provide search capabilities. I'm scouting for a new web host at the moment, so hopefully (knock on wood) anyone will be able to search for recipes on-site before summer is over.


Whew!Last but not least, I'd like to thank certain folks for their support during the "facelift" process. You know who you are! From start-to-finish, it took just under a month to re-create the Food Fare web site with the new design. All of that in between multiple-formatting twelve books in the Culinary Collection. Whew!


Needless to say, I'm amazed every deadline was met with room to spare. The pressure became a little more intense when I realized the release date of the Ambrosia Cookbook is just around the corner...


Fourteen-hour days notwithstanding (including weekends and July 4th), I'm very happy with the end result of Food Fare's new web site.


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