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Posted Sun, 08/01/10


I didn't intend to do an update to Food Fare so soon after the piece about American Food & Culture in June, but here we go anyway:


Food Fare Culinary Collection: Swiss Chuchicha


Swiss Chuchicha: Read a brief history of Switzerland, as well as tidbits about Swiss culture and traditions. Also includes information about common Swiss dishes, wines, cheese, useful Swiss words and phrases, "Swiss Days" in Midway, and recipes such as Braunes Gefluegelragout (Roast Chicken Stew), Fondue Neuchateloise (Basic Fondue), Giabusada (Cabbage Stew), Kloesschensuppe (Little Dumpling Soup), Maluns (Long-Fried Potatoes), Papet Vaudois (Sausage & Leeks), Pizokels (Swiss Chard & Bacon), Rosti (Fried Potatoes & Bacon), Salm nach Basler Art (Salmon Basil-Style), Spatzli (Egg Noodles) and more. Swiss Recipes >>


DID YOU KNOW? Chuchicha is the shortened form of the Swiss-German word Chuchichaschtli, meaning "little kitchen cupboard."

I've also created a new recipe page specifically for diabetics, which includes diabetic exchange information for each dish. The new collection of recipes was inspired by my former husband and dear friend Wilbert Alviso, who has Type II Diabetes. Keeping him healthy is quite a task because he loves breads and any dish containing chocolate. I'm hoping the influx of new recipes tailored just for diabetics will appeal to him as well. Recipes for Diabetics >


To read a condensed version of the latest news, visit Food Fare Notes.


Food Fare Food Notes (August 2010)


That's it for Food Fare updates until the autumn . . .


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