Italian Cibaria

Posted Tue, 08/16/11


Another new title has been added to the Food Fare Culinary Collection.


Say Salve (hello) to Italian Cibaria:


Food Fare Culinary Collection: Italian Cibaria


Italian Cibaria contains a brief history of Italy, common Italian dishes, food by region, typical courses in an Italian meal, pasta types, ravioli, wine and cheese, pizza history, traditions, authentic Italian recipes, slang and food terms, and resources for further study.


The book is available as Kindle and Nook-Book downloads for $1.25. The title also comes in PDF format, which can be obtained by clicking here.


New recipes added with the book include:


Click here for more Italian Recipes from Food Fare.


Did You Know? The term "Cibaria" is defined as "to feed" or "to nourish" in Italian. Latin form of cibare.


Buon appetito!


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