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Posted Sun, 08/21/11


Yet another cooking gadget, this time from the UK:


Microwave Crisp Maker (from Kitchen Craft)

Microwave Crisp Maker (aka potato chips).


According to the UK's Daily Mail, the gadget can cook up to 24 crisps (chips) at a time. The lid comes with a built-in slicer to create ultra-thin crisps.


Whereas crisps are usually made from frying or baking potatoes in lashings of oil, the gadget relies on a microwave for cooking. Once sliced, potato pieces fall into the collection bowl and can then be arranged in the cooking rack. After four or five minutes in the microwave, the pieces should be crunchy and can be sprinkled with salt or other flavorings. Thanks to the microwave, no oil is required, meaning the fat content is the same as the potato – around 130 calories, or 0g fat, for a medium-sized potato. This is considerably less than the 190 calories or 11g of fat found in a packet of crisps. And for an even healthier option, a sweet potato – just 114 calories for one serving – could be used.

The Microwave Crisp Maker comes from Kitchen Craft, a Birmingham-based kitchenware company.


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