Tamales & Tomato Soup II

Posted Mon, 09/15/14

Many years ago I concocted a simple recipe using tamales and tomato soup. It was such a tasty treat, and one I've enjoyed many times since.


Today for lunch I put together an even simpler variation of the dish, which includes only two ingredients:


Tamales & Tomato Soup II

2 Ruiz frozen tamales (beef or chicken), cooked

1 container (15.4 oz.) Campbell's tomato soup ("Soup to Go")


Cook tamales in microwave according to package directions; allow to cool before removing corn husks. Chop tamales into bite-sized pieces. Heat soup according to container directions. Pour hot soup into a large serving bowl; gently stir in cooked tamales pieces. Heat an additional minute in the microwave if necessary. Serve. Recipe makes enough for one or two servings.

Tamales & Tomato Soup. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.      Tamales & Tomato Soup. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

(Above): Tamales & Tomato Soup. Click on images to view larger sizes in a new window.


Ruiz tamales are the best, so I'd recommend their beef or chicken flavors for use in the above recipe.


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