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Posted Thu, 11/10/11


Another title was added to Food Fare's Culinary Collection today, the 28th volume in the series. Russian Kitchen contains information about the food and culture of Russia, including country statistics, meals in Russia, customs and folk traditions, tea, Russian vodka, a summary of Russian food terms, authentic Russian recipes, useful words and phrases, and resources for further study.


Food Fare Culinary Collection: Russian Kitchen


Several new Russian recipes have been added to the ever-growing collection at Food Fare:



Since July 2011, the Culinary Collection has been built-up to twenty-eight titles (beginning with Medieval Cuisine). It's relatively safe to assume there won't be any new books added until next year. To be perfectly honest, I'm worn out!


However, there are plans for books in the New Year. We're currently working on our fourth e-cookbook, the theme for which will be announced in the coming months. I'm also selecting country topics to include in the Culinary Collection for 2012, but actual research and writing thereof will not begin until January.


More news will be forthcoming in the holiday issue of Food Notes next month.


Stay tuned!


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