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Posted Thu, 11/11/10


I receive the Dishrag newsletter from Star Chefs on a regular basis. The most recent issue features Thanksgiving-related tips, recipes and articles.



The Star Chefs web site is a treasure trove of recipes, chef job-finders, wine information and links to recommended culinary schools, events, charities, trade associations and farm-fresh markets by state.


There is also a special section on the latest cooking and food trends. An article of particular interest to me was the 2009 Star Chefs Salary Survey.


Did you know the national average salary for a sous chef is only $42,266? Or that a line cook typically makes only $29,662 per year? One glaring difference is the posted salaries for sous chefs in California ($39,400) as opposed to New York ($50,150). Granted New York is a more expensive place to live, but nearly $11,000 could go a long way on either coast.


Also of great interest is the Community section of the Star Chefs web site, which features links to various food-related charitable organizations.


According to their self-description, Star Chefs is "an award-winning online magazine serving the foodservice industry and food aficionados since 1995. The site receives 10 million page views per month and has won 'Best of the Web' awards from among others, U.S. News Online, USA Today, Brill's Content and Lycos."


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