New Mushie Recipes

Posted Sun, 01/10/16

New recipes added to Food Fare last week:

Creamy Mushrooms (no photo)

Cinnamon Toast. Click on image to view recipe in a new window.

Cinnamon Toast

Angel Hair & Mushrooms. Click on image to view recipe in a new window.

Angel Hair & Mushrooms

All three recipes are simple to make. Give them a whirl!


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Global Seafood Cookbook

Posted Fri, 01/01/16

Happy New Year! Welcome to our first blog post of 2016, and to the announcement of our 10th cookbook release . . .

The Global Seafood Cookbook contains more than 200 seafood recipes for appetizers & salads, entrees, shellfish entrees, pasta, soups & stews, salmon, along with condiments, sauces & seasonings. There are well-known favorites such as clam chowder, crab cakes, various forms of fried fish, lobster tails with lemon butter, oyster stew, poached salmon, shrimp salad, sushi and much more, but the Global Seafood Cookbook also offers unique - yet delicious - dishes found in various nooks and crannies from around the world.

Food Fare: Global Seafood Cookboo

Learn more about the book cover >

Some of the less common recipes in the Global Seafood Cookbook include Apelsinfisk (Swedish Orange Fish), Atherina (Greek Fried Smelts), Coco Crevettes (Malagasy Prawns in Coconut Sauce), Coulibiac (Russian Salmon Pie), Hut Benoua (Moroccan Snapper with Almond Paste), Labskaus (German Herring & Corned Beef with Egg), Langouste a la Vanilla (Comorian Lobster in Vanilla Sauce), Lohikeitto (Nordic Creamy Salmon Soup), Mackerel in Rhubarb Sauce (Ireland), Marmitako (Basque Tuna Stew), Ngob Pla (Thai Perch with Curry Paste), Pastai Cocos (Welsh Cockle Pie), Salata Mishwiyya (Tunisian Grilled Pepper, Tomato & Tuna Salad), Salmagundi (Pirate Grand Salad), Sledz w Smietanie (Polish Creamed Herring) and Tweed Kettle (Scottish Salmon Hash), among dozens of others.

The Global Seafood Cookbook also contains recipes for several condiments and sauces for fish, such as Charmoula (marinade and dipping sauce for Moroccan fried fish), cocktail sauce, curry paste, Hovmastarsas (mustard sauce for Swedish Gravad Lax salmon and dill appetizer), Kamoon Hoot (Libyan seafood spice blend for Haraimi lemon tomato fish), lemon butter, Old Bay seasoning Mix (used in Hot Lobster Dip, Old Bay Crab Cakes and Baked Stuffed "Lobstah"), spicy mayonnaise, tahini paste (for Lebanese Samke Harra spicy fish), tartar sauce, teriyaki sauce, wasabi sauce and more.

Recipe Side Note: Although seaweed does not officially fall under the "seafood" category, two recipes using seaweed have been included in the Global Seafood Cookbook: Bara Lawr (Welsh Laver Bread) and Cawl Bara Lawr (Welsh Laver Soup).

My article Shenanchie's Sushi: No Raw Fish Allowed! debuted on Food Fare last year (2015). The piece was inspired by my dislike of raw fish in any form, which led me to make my own sushi using fully-cooked fish. A re-print of Shenanchie's Sushi: No Raw Fish Allowed! is included in the Global Seafood Cookbook.

The Global Seafood Cookbook also contains information about seafood health benefits and nutrition facts, fish trivia and general how-to guides (de-bearding, de-boning and filleting, deveining, shucking, and cracking shells).

The Global Seafood Cookbook is available at Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook) and Kobo Books (multiple formats). The Adobe Digital edition (PDF) contains all graphics and a recipe index.

A special edition of Food Notes is now available online, which features the Global Seafood Cookbook.

Food Notes Special Edition: Global Seafood Cookbook (January 2016)

It took me nearly one year to put together the Global Seafood Cookbook. Oddly enough, after it was all said and done, my favorite recipe in the book is Shrimpy Devils (deviled eggs with shrimp). They are a simple yet quite satisfying bit of culinary heaven.

Dedication: The Global Seafood Cookbook is dedicated to the memory of my darling mother Joyce O'Toole, who proofread everything I ever wrote and always offered creative encouragement. I miss you desperately, Mum.


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Year from Hell

Posted Fri, 01/01/16

2015 is not a year I'll look back on with a great deal of pleasure. My darling mother passed away a few days before Thanksgiving, and I went through bouts of illness as well. Food was the last thing on my mind amidst all the misery and sadness, something I didn't want to share via blog posts (hence the scarcity of them during the later part of 2015). Who wants to hear bad news on a regular basis? It was bad enough living through it myself. I had no desire to inflict my pain on others.


Several months ago, I made public two cover designs for the upcoming Global Seafood Cookbook via Food Fare Cookbooks Facebook page. I did so in order for people to choose their favorite. I fully intended to select the cover voted most popular by readers. These were the selections:

Global Seafood Cookbook book covers. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Without a doubt, the sedate cover with a gray background (pictured above left) was chosen by readers, friends and many family members. However, my mother proved to be the exception. She preferred the more colorful and light-hearted cover (pictured above right), which will be the published version.

The book cover was the last bit of design and writing Mum saw from me, and I wanted to honor her choice. It is definitely more complicated than choosing a book cover, naturally. Losing my mother has been the most devastating event in my life to date, something I'm doubtful I'll ever fully recover from. Keeping busy with the preparation of the Global Seafood Cookbook was a salvation of sorts, in part preventing me from diving into a complete depression.

The Global Seafood Cookbook will be dedicated to the loving memory of my mother, Joyce M. O'Toole. I miss you desperately, Mum.


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Halloween Lights

Posted Sun, 10/18/15

I was determined to collect all four flashlights from Arctic Circle's "Square Pumpkin" boxed kids meals during October, and I did it. The mini-flashlights include a witch, skull, pumpkin and ghost.

Square Pumpkin boxed kids meals from Arctic Circle. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

And what about the food inside the boxes? Oddly enough, I prefer them to typical adult meals and portions. Kids meals are just right - smaller portions with a little carton of milk, small soda and fries included. For the "Square Pumpkin" boxed kids meals, one can choose a hamburger, corn dog, corn dog mini-bites or chicken tenders.

Not bad for around four dollars . . .


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